About Us

Whitecap Insurance Services would not exist if it were not for the combined coercion of John Hancock and Nationwide Insurance Companies, as MaryGrace and Bob were required to attend an insurance class in 1988 by their respective employers. Twenty years and three kids later, this partnership is the foundation of Whitecap Insurance. Our enjoyment of the outdoors has led to our avid pursuit of cycling and Kiteboarding, which is a relatively new water sport that is enjoyed by our family. The pictures on this site illustrate the Smith family having fun on the water. MG and Bob share a commitment to the satisfaction of our customers, and the loyalty of our clients is a testament to our success.

Why We Are Here

Whitecap Insurance provides comprehensive commercial and personal insurance coverage while adhering to the core values of the owners, Bob Smith and MaryGrace Elizondo. We enjoy pursuing exceptional solutions to the insurance needs of our clients through constant communication with a wide variety of underwriters.
You can have confidence in our single-minded pursuit of optimal solutions to your insurance needs. We will also strive to find the appropriate balance between our need for underwriting information against our desire to minimize our intrusion into your busy day. One of the most significant contributions we will make to improve your purchase of insurance is our willingness to provide a relevant education. By understanding the coverage you need, as well as the coverage you can do without, you will make a superior, money saving, buying decision.