Workers Compensation

You may not be very happy with the fact that you need to purchase worker’s compensation coverage if you have employees. Well, at least your employees are not able to sue you if they become injured! As a result of the legal obligation to provide the coverage, your employees lose their right to pursue legal remedies against for your business should they become injured. There is no modification of the coverage, you are simply obeying the law.

Get Covered

Our objective is simple – minimize the expense incurred as a result of the law. At Whitecap, we will provide more than access to the most competitive insurers. Your ultimate cost will be affected by the number and severity of your claims, so minimizing your claims is a goal we share. You may have had the unpleasant experience of an employee that exaggerated an injury for their financial benefit, often with the assistance of legal counsel. If not, I am sure you have heard stories from others. When your employee is trying to make a buck at your expense, you need to be ready with claims management tools that help minimize your expense. Whitecap Insurance will provide techniques and strategies in partnership with your insurer to fight back against abusive claims, thus reducing your long term cost to the lowest possible level.

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